Top 5 books you need to read as an entrepreneur!

Posted by Sara Farran on Mon,09-22

Are you launching your business soon or planning to soon?

We know that becoming an entrepreneur and moving from one phase to another is not easy. Understanding everything related to the business requires a lot of effort. That includes putting a strategy, launching your business, marketing your product to your targeted audience, and more. We are here today to help you start. If you have started recently or want to start yet, you are still confused about what to do or how to start. We are introducing the top 5 books you need to read if you are a startup owner and looking to develop your skills as an entrepreneur. Our experts highly recommend these books confirming that they were critical when they started their entrepreneurial journey. So, Are you ready?

1- The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss** Reading that book will make you finish reading and start your own business immediately. It provides you with extremely powerful tools that you need to start generating an income while still working on your interests and passions and achieving them. He argues about the 9-5 work hours that we aim for and do not want to leave that they are not even productive as we think. He even provides a practical timeline tool that will allow you to purchase a luxurious car. As the book name suggests, Ferriss presents a 4-Hour workweek to achieve all your desires and dreams without having to kill yourself in work your whole life.

2- The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

The Fire Starter Sessions book is exactly what you need to get 16 strong and practical sessions to get you motivated and start right away. Nothing is about being a perfectionist here, but it’s very relatable. Danielle states that it is not just about running after the success. It is about understanding yourself and being true to it to reach success. She presents powerful tools in the book to achieve success and get faster results when being honest to yourself. The book clarifies the importance of discovering who you are and how to do it. It also highlights that endurance is not about working extremely hard all the time. It is about doing easy things that keep us enthusiastic. The book encourages you to know your strengths, let go of your fears and listen to your inner feeling.

3- The Blue Ocean Strategy by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne That is a perfect guide for you to start. It simplifies the idea of following a strategy smartly. The book showcases a study of over 100 strategic moves that the future of these companies will be successful not by competing with other competitors but by following a creative strategy. While everyone is fighting at the Red Ocean for a small profit, leave that area and aim to step into the Blue Ocean. The strategy in this book is known as “The Blue Ocean” and consists of 6 vital principles that will help you succeed when following them. These principles include focusing on the main idea, following the correct strategic sequence, coping with the obstacles of the organizations, and implementing it into a strategy. So, step into an untouched innovative area.

4- The Lean Startup by Eric Ries That is one of the great books you will read by entrepreneur Eric Reis. Eric shares the experiences he learned from successful startups. The book focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to test their hypothesis ideas with an MVP and develop their strategy accordingly. Throughout reading the book, you will learn that the goal of any startup is to create something customers are ready to pay for, which has value. Moreover, it explains the steps needed for your product development, the types of created MVPs, how to measure the results, the mechanism of growth, and the ways your customers can help grow your business. It also clarifies the three famous engines of growth, learning from failures, and using the five whys.

5- The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau The book mainly focuses on the challenges you face when you start your business. The book includes several interview results with startup owners talking about their experiences in the business so that you can read and learn. It talks about the critical stages of any small business and how to develop it throughout the journey. It starts with explaining the initial stage of the startup, where you combine your product or service with a value that people would want to buy. Another stage the book mentions is the strategic stage, where it explains the concept of marketing your ideas and how it is more about the solution you provide rather than the big buzz around it. Additionally, you learn about product pricing and how it should not be the competitive element. Moreover, the book highlights other stages of the business like the operational stage, the sales stage, the growth stage, launching your creative product stage, and focusing on the profit stage.

There are, of course, lots of other books that are beneficial to you as a beginner or as a business owner. However, We chose these remarkable books that speak to you directly to help you in different phases and allow you to keep going through applying experimented strategies and plans. By now, you know that the learning cycle never ends. So, what could be better than learning from those experts who share their experiences and insights for you to get the best learning experience?