Tanmia W Tatweer Incubator for Handicrafts - Oasis

Posted by Sara Farran on Mon,09-22

It is one of Egypt’s Entrepreneurship Development Projects which takes place in Oasis in the New Valley. The first incubation programs implemented in Oasis - the New Valley. It is also known as TWT and it aims at empowering the young entrepreneurs and providing them with the needed trainings to support their business and develop their skills. The program is mainly focusing on the sector of handicrafts. The program has 3 main components, which is enabling the young entrepreneurs though enhancing the environment, providing direct support to them, and managing the project. The program supports entrepreneurs in the New valley and saves 50% of the seats to female entrepreneurs. By the end of the program, winning startups will receive a fund of about €2550. In addition to continuous supervision for 6 months.