10 Strong startup Incubators & Accelerators you can join in Egypt

Posted by Sara Farran on Mon,09-22

While the era of Entrepreneurship in Egypt is thriving, this is the time for you to join one of the incubators & accelerators in Egypt if you’re planning to start your business. You probably heard about some of these startup programs. There are lots of Incubators and Accelerators in Egypt that are ready to help you launch your innovative business or foster its growth. These programs are a great choice as they support Egyptian youth Entrepreneurs through their business journey by providing different services that include training, mentoring, access to a network of experts, potential investors, funding opportunities, office spaces, and more. No need to waste your time and search. We have made a list of 10 powerful startup Incubators and accelerators for you. Let’s take a closer look at it.

1- AUC Venture lab Known as the first university-based startup accelerator. It has been an award-winning accelerator in Africa and the Mena region. They focus on Fintech startups and provide them with curated technology support and business finance.

2- TIEC Accelerator/ Incubation TIEC is also an accelerator that supports startups in the early stage with an ICT-related prototype like (a website, a software program, IoT, mobile application, etc.…) through training, mentorship, and an opportunity to pitch to potential investors.

3- Reactor It was known as Startup Reactor previously. Reactor program is a 6-month accelerator program that supports entrepreneurs with businesses less than 3 years in operations. The program has launched its 10th cycle recently.

4- NU TECHSPACE NU TechSpace is a program that supports startups with high-tech solutions like AI, Deep learning, Blockchain, etc…and generates sustainability in industries like Banking, Insurance, retail, etc.…). The program offers training sessions, legal support, office spaces, and funding opportunities.

5- Orange Corners Cairo Incubator Orange Corners Cairo is an incubator program that is an initiative of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The program supports startups in creative fields, agriculture, clean-tech, and handicrafts while dedicating 50% of the seats to female entrepreneurs. The program is currently running its fourth cycle.

6- DMZ Cairo DMZ Cairo is an incubator that focuses on high-tech startups and provides entrepreneurs with training, workshops from experts, programming, mentorship, workspaces, and access to the North American ecosystem. Applications are now open for their second cycle.

7- EFG EV Fintech EFG EV Fintech, as you can tell, is a fintech startup accelerator that connects the financial expertise of EFG Hermes with the startups to develop their business skills, pitching techniques, agreements with investors, and negotiation skills. The program aims to create job opportunities and develop a fintech ecosystem in Egypt.

8- INJAZ Startupbootcamp Fintech Cairo Startupbootcamp Fintech Cairo is a 6-month accelerator program that supports early-stage fintech startups. The program provides workshops and masterclasses curated to assist the startups in all business aspects, and one on one mentorship with specialized experts and mentors in the industry.

9- Falak Startups The Falak Startups program is an accelerator that works on 2 tracks; general and fintech. The program provides sessions by industry experts tailored to each sector, one on one meetings, consultation services, preparations for future fund opportunities, and investor meetings.

10- GESR GESR is an incubator affiliated with Misr El-Kheir Foundation and supports startups that have innovative ideas and has a social impact in one of these fields (Water, energy, health, food & Education)