About Us

Cultiv is a collective of interdependent companies working on a diverse set of activities related to innovation. The members of Cultiv include Innoventures, Ideaspace and GIE, among others, which have been operating in this field since 2011. The vision of this collective is based on cultivating people, ideas, knowledge and culture through innovation, and its goal is to empower innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and designers in Egypt and the region. Cultiv achieves this through the combined offering of its members, which include investing in startups, capacity building, creating and running innovation spaces, and running nationwide and regional competitions and educational and networking programs.

The Cultiv name was chosen to represent this group, inspiring brand meanings related to:

  • cultivating people and ideas;
  • valuing culture and how we change with it;
  • bringing together a collective of diverse and visionary companies and individuals;
  • creating a cult of innovation.

Cultiv LLC is registered as a Limited Liability Company in the USA and in Egypt.